ID and Password are currently required to enter our "Search and Plot" system and developer's site. When you access them, please contact us. Welcome to our EOSDB, the database for nuclear equation of states(hereafter EoS). Our aim is to summarize and share the current information on nuclear EoS which is available today from theroretical/exprimental/observational studies of nuclei and dense matter. The better understanding of each field surrounding EoS will give us some probe for the EoS which we have been seeking for many decades. In this site, you can look for nuclear EoS not only EoS tables but also many kind of nuclear EoS by using EOSDB. EOSDB help you to compare EoSs' properites such as thermodynamic behaviours or symmetric energy as function of baryon densities.
A manual for EOSDB with screen shots is available here!

 We also put each entry summarized html which contains detailed information of original data;

  1. Original Paper Info.
  2. Manual for EoS Table
  3. Physics Constants used in each calculation
  4. Assumed Constituents
  5. Theoretical/Experimental/Observed Method to derive each EoS and its strong/weak point etc. as comment
  6. Saturation density [fm-3]
  7. Saturation energy [MeV]
  8. Symmetric energy properties like
     Symmetric Energy Esym [MeV]  Symmetric Energy a4 at the saturation density [MeV]
     Its Slope to baryon density L [MeV]
     Incompressibility K [MeV]
  9. Max. Mass of Cold Neutron Star [Msolar]
  10. Tabulated data
If you want us to add further information to our EOSDB, please feel free to contact us. Your comments will make this database more reliable, better one!

EOSDB Consortium

C. Ishizuka (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
T. Suda (National Astronomical Observatory, Japan)
H. Suzuki (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
K. Sumiyoshi (Numazu College of Technology, Japan)
A. Ohnishi (Yukawa Institute, Kyoto Univ., Japan)
H. Toki (RCNP, Osaka Univ., Japan)