Web site of EOS for Neutron Star Matter
--- CQMC model within relativistic Hartree-Fock approximation and Thomas-Fermi model ---


This web site provides equation of state (EOS) for neutron star matter. The chiral quark-meson coupling (CQMC) model within relativistic Hartree-Fock approximation is adopted for uniform nuclear matter. All octet baryons are considered in the core region, while only Ξ- appears in neutron stars. In the crust region, nuclei are taken into account within the Thomas-Fermi calculation. For the details, see Miyatsu et al. (2013), arXiv:1308.6121 [astro-ph.HE]. This EOS table is open for general use in any numerical simulations for astrophysics, provided that our paper is referenced in your publication.

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Key parameters

Note: There are two diffinitions of symmetry energy. See Section 3.2 and Table 2 of our paper for the details.



Please reference the following paper when you publish scientific articles using this EOS.

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